Working as liaison between the Rotary Club of Denver…
and the Seaside Rotary Club, John was instrumental in bringing….

 …$500,000 of needed medical supplies and equipment to the Red Cross hospital of Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

John & Bernice Klug

John and his wife Bernice divide their time between Denver, Colorado and Mexico. John founded and owned a publishing business in Denver for nearly 40 years that created custom business magazines and newsletters for major banks and brokerage firms in the US and abroad. Bernice, originally from Chile, immigrated to the US and worked at the Children's Hospital of Denver for over 30 years where she cared for children with cancer. As Bernice is a native Spanish speaker, it served her well caring for Hispanic patients.

When John and Bernice were seeking a warmer place to spend the winters…they chose the beautiful Riviera Maya coast of Eastern Mexico in the states of Yucatan and Quintana Roo. However, both realized that it was critical to be able to quickly get back to the U.S. in the event of an emergency. This concern led to a quest to find who was the absolute best medical evacuation company serving Mexico.

After a year-long search, including visiting the U.S. headquarters of various operators, it became clear that one company stood out above the rest for many reasons. In fact they were so impressed and felt that it was so important that everyone who spends time in Mexico have such protection, that they agreed to serve as representatives of the company and its affiliates.

Travel MedEvac (TME) is the most comprehensive air evacuation membership program available in Mexico. However, it also serves North America (U.S., Canada), Bermuda, the Bahamas, the Caribbean (including Cuba), and Central America.


We chose to join TME because, first and foremost, their program will take you HOME if your medical condition is SERIOUS not just life threatening CRITICAL. That may appear a fine line, but when you have a medical situation, you prefer to get back home to doctors you know, family, and familiar hospitals and insurance coverage. This makes all the difference in the world!”


Travel MedEvac’s parent company, International Insurance Group (IIG), has been serving travelers since 1999 specializing in the ex-pat community. Currently they issue over 100,000 policies a year. Chances are, if you have Mexico auto, boat, homeowners, or travel medical insurance, you are already a client of IIG!

TME with its premier air ambulance provider, Air Ambulance Worldwide (AAW), keep annual permits to enter Mexico at all times with all their aircraft. In fact they have over 50 medically equipped jets available that can be in Cancun, Merida or other service areas within hours of a call. All aircraft and personnel are certified with the highest accreditation for air ambulances in the world (EURAMI).

As an added bonus, through an affiliation with Mexico Insurance Online as well as WEA Signature Healthcare, John and Bernice can offer clients other services they may require such as Mexico health care coverage as well as auto and home insurance.


"We are here to serve the needs of Mexico bound snowbirds and we will always strive to ensure that we have the very best products or services available for them. We look forward to serving our community for many years to come!" John & Bernice Klug

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